The BEST place to be when It's 103!

Today's heat did not stop Asto Wamah campers and staff.  Campers and counselors spent 98% of their day in the water (meals were indoors)  and were constantly supplied with water and reminders to drink and apply sunscreen.  So besides some sweat we were all pretty comfortable in the cool Columbia Lake. Sports class was in the water playing games, swim lessons were the same, in boating the campers practiced capsizing which is always fun on  a hot day, and arts and crafts was in the lower lodge as usual where temperatures are 20 deg. cooler. The activities offered during activity period consisted of aquarium games, snorkeling, jumping off the tower, and paddle boarding. LT’s were also in the water all afternoon practicing and learning new lifeguard techniques.  Tonight's game is called Murder by Night. The campers are told that there has been a murder at Asto Wamah (a counselor who is on a day off :D) and they have to try to figure out which counselor did it and what the murder weapon was.  Andrea of Cabin 7 has been murdered with an arrow (She is the archery instructor) and her co- counselor Kelley did it. Shhh....  Each counselor makes up an alibi that includes another counselor and the campers go to each counselor and try to figure out whose story doesn’t match up. This is going to be quick tonight because we’re going to have a general swim for a long period this evening, as it is still 93 degrees out here! Stay cool!

- The Birch Blogger