Supper over the Raft

Wednesday night suppers at Asto Wamah are done a little differently than the other nights. Usually the cookie bell rings at 5:45, notifying the cookies (two campers selected daily from each cabin) that it's time for them to come to the upper lodge and set their cabin's table for supper. Today, all campers came to the upper lodge at 5:45, not to set tables but to make their sandwiches. Each cabin had a picnic basket with bananas, chocolate chip cookies, cold cut and PB&J sandwiches, and "bug juice" (a.k.a. lemonade). Each cabin chooses a different place around the lakefront to eat their supper: the pavilion, the counselor ring, main dock, the picnic table by the D.C. (Director's Cabin), and even the two floating rafts, which require campers and counselors to ferry across the water in row boats.  We've been fortunate to have good weather so far this session, so our  eat-0ut could happen outdoors. It's always a disappointment when rain keeps us indoors on Wednesday evenings. Rain doesn't seem to be a threat this session, but we are preparing for some hot weather over the next few days. Fortunately, there are up to four opportunities for campers to cool off in the lake: swim class, general swim, cool off dip after activity period, and quick dip after evening program. With all that time in the water, it's surprising campers don't develop gills and turn into fish! Until tomorrow.

-the Birch Blogger