July 13th

Today was a very memorable day for campers. Many level 6 and above swimmers went on a long swim across the lake to Frog Island. Frog Island really isn’t an island but a very shallow part in the lake but it’s still pretty exciting to make it all the way there. This swim is highly anticipated by all campers because it is an annual camp tradition. If you participate you get to sign the Frog Island log book that has generations of swimmers names within it and you get to take a rock from the island back as a memento. Later on today we had a Yo-Yo performer put on a really cool show. He had so many tricks to show us!  Tonight is the kitchen staff’s night off so we are having Eat Out ( sandwiches, chips, and cookies). No word yet on what we’re playing tonight for evening program. Many campers are guessing that it will be Mission to Mars.  I’ll let you know tomorrow!  Tomorrow is Banquet! We’re all excited to get our year awards and have the Banquet feast :D - The Birch Blogger