Girls Session 2, Day 8

Yesterday we did experience storms in the morning so we had most classes inside.  We played games such as scattergories and some participated in yoga!  Before our afternoon meal yesterday the storm was right over camp so we gathered in the lodge early to sing a few songs before lunch.  For lunch we had ravioli, salad, and italian rolls with pudding topped with vanilla wafers and chocolate syrup for desert.  After rest hour the weather cleared so the campers were able to enjoy a general swim and 4th period where the hilltopers went to the ropes course, the lakesiders went boating and the seniors went to arts and crafts. Last night for super we had hamburgers and apple crisp for desert! A camp favorite known as Pirates was played for evening program.  The campers really enjoy playing this game because they go around camp looking for the other teams treasure and engaging in fake "gun" battle to earn points for their team.  It was a close game last night because both teams found the treasure.  The final score was White 54 and Green 55. Today we thought we were going to experience some showers but the weather was clear with a few clouds throughout the morning and afternoon.  We had corn bread and cereal for breakfast.  The campers continued with their normal morning classes.  Those campers who are in level 6 swimming or above could choose to swim to "Frog Island" this morning during first period.  Frog island is all the way across the lake from camp where the water is shallow and the campers can bring back a rock that she found while there.  The counselors row boats in front of the campers while they make the traditional swim to "Frog Island."  This swim takes place every session every year and then each camper signs the frog island book where they will see many of their counselors names from when their counselor swam to frog island as a camper!  Today's lunch was swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and carrots.  For desert the campers enjoyed butterscotch pudding.  After rest hour today the campers went in for general swim and then continued with 4th period classes.  Tonight the LT's (stands for the 15 year old girls who were chosen to take part in leadership training this year) will put on a carnival for all the campers!  Some of the different stations will be musical chairs, face painting, water balloon toss, and an obstacle course.  It will be an exciting night for the campers!

- Emma Tuthill (LT Director)