Girls Session 2, Day 6

Hey everyone On Friday we had pork chops with mashed potatoes, and green beans. Barbecue sauce on the side for dipping also made a great addition to our mid day meal. I was seated at overflow, and got to know a few more campers.

The rest of the afternoon went on as usual. After rest hour pretty much everyone seemed eager to get in the lake for general swim. My lifeguarding position is on main dock watching over the intermediate swimming level. A bunch of girls in cabin 2 used general swim to practice their stride jumps. By the end of general swim they weren't even getting their hair wet!

During activity period counselors offered frisbee golf, jumping off the tower, aquarium games, and yoga among others. The wind was also quite strong and ideal for sailors to hone their skills.

For dinner we had fajitas, one of my favorite meals at camp. For dessert we had brownies with chocolate chips in them. For evening program we played a staff favorite, Cops and Robbers. The campers were able to find more pairs and triples than any other session, giving them a score of 125 points. However, the counselors were able capture 171 tickets giving them 171 points. The game was shortened to allow time for a general swim. Campers were able to cool off one last time before a short thunderstorm entered the area and brought some much needed rain.

-Kyle Macsuga, Small Craft Director