Girls Session, Day 10

Because of the heat yesterday, everyone at camp worked hard to stay cool and hydrated. Sports classes took place in the water, with campers and staff playing aquarium games like London Bridges, Sharks and Minnows, and Marco Polo. Campers enjoyed meatball grinders for lunch followed by a General Swim and more water sports during activity period. Last night was also the camp’s talent night. Many campers and cabins worked hard on skits, songs, and dances to perform for the rest of the camp. Because of the heat, everyone in camp took a quick dip before bed to cool off for the night.

This morning we had waffles with peanut butter, and for lunch Texas casserole (rice, beef, and veggies). Today is cooler, but everyone is still taking care to stay cool and hydrated. Sports classes again took place in aquarium, and we had an extra long General Swim before fourth period. Campers are now getting ready for a special presentation, a program about iguanas. Tonight is again Eat Out, and like last Wednesday, cabins will eat supper in places around camp like the rafts, docks, A-field, and campsites. Evening program will be General Swim.

- Julia (Cabin 8 )