Boys Session '09 Day 8

Just like every other Sunday during an Asto Wamah two - weeker; today is Track Meet!  Yesterday at dinner, the campers voted on who would be captains of the green and white teams who then would pick campers who would be on each respective team.  This morning, we had running long jump, standing long jump, softball throw, and a 50 yard dash on the AField, followed a "participation optional" marathon (a 1/2 mile run that takes campers from the AField to the bottom of the camp road via the corduroy road). The Indian War Relay is next on the list for Track Meet events today; a relay in which everyone in camp participates and brings a baton all through Camp Asto Wamah.  Stay tuned for more green and white updates as we fill our Banquet Birch Barker with scores and ribbons.


Camp Staff