Boys Session '09 Day 6

It is another beautiful day at Asto Wamah, as the sun has been with us from breakfast to dinner.  For activity period today, the campers were able to take advantage of this beautiful weather with the many outside and aquatic activities offered.  Activities such as aquarium games, tower jumping, handball (on the AField), and nukem (also on the AField) were made available to campers. For last nights evening program (after a short game of King Dodgeball) we were treated to a special event in the upper lodge.  Riverside Reptiles visited Asto Wamah and brought everything from insects to a Burmese python.  These animals gave quite a show as they crawled around the floor in the Lodge (safely of course).

Tonight for supper we will be having grilled cheese and peach crisp (for dessert).


Camp Staff