Boys Session '09 Day 2

Today was our first full day of the session and first year campers got a glance of what the coming days will hold.  Fortunately, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  We started the day with cereal and Sue's famous streusel bread. In preparation for Camp Asto Wamah's 100th Anniversary celebration, in Arts and Crafts, each cabin is refinishing retired paddles and oars from years past.  Each paddle/oar will be displayed on the last day of camp and will show each cabin's own unique personality.  Upon completion, the paddles will be judged by Asto Wamah staff members, and a winner of "Camp's Coolest Paddle" will be chosen and rewarded at campfire on the final night of camp.

Anticipation is building as the campers wait to find out what we will be playing for evening program tonight, for last night we were unable to go up to the AField due to wet conditions (although the Buckets of Fun proved to be a fantastic substitute).  Tune in tomorrow for the game update and scores!


Camp Staff