Coed Session '09 - Day 4

We had a normal morning of classes today, but this afternoon we had a nice change in our schedule with the performance of a special guest! A couple brought their Chesapeake Bay Retriever that is trained as a tracking dog to come show off his skills for us. He was able to locate hidden objects by scent. He even tracked one of our own counselors through the woods. The kids really enjoyed meeting him! Just as the performance was ending we had some rain start. There isn't any thunder but since the rain hasn't let up yet we're inside playing board games for activity period.

This evening for dinner we're having "eat out" which means the campers will all switch tables sitting with counselors that are not their own and with no other campers from their cabin. This way kids and staff members have an opportunity to meet people they haven't yet!

We're not sure what we'll play for evening program tonight, it all depends on the weather!

Abby Camp Staff