Second Session Girls '09- Day 13

It's the last day of the second session and we have had beautiful weather for it! We had all of our classes as scheduled this morning. Now for activity period kids who just passed into level 4 are enjoying the privilege of jumping off the Tower and many campers are out in sailboats for the last time or finishing their arts and crafts projects. We had a lovely banquet last night and although the weather prevented us from having our candlelight service outside, we had a very nice service indoors. Tonight is our awards camp fire where campers will receive certificates for passing swimming or boating and ribbons for placements in track meet events. We'll sing songs and have s'mores; a great way to wrap up the session!

We've loved having your girls here with us these last two weeks! Please remember that they can be picked up tomorrow NO LATER THAN 10:30 AM. Thank you so much for sending your kids here to learn to be girls from Asto Wamah!

Abby Cabin 1 Counselor