Second Session Girls '09-Day 9

We had great weather for our track and field day yesterday. We had all of our usual events including the softball throw, standing and running long jumps, 50 yard dash, 1/2 mile marathon, swim races and Indian War Relay. We also brought back for the first time in several years the 220 and 440 yard relays. It was a wonderful day! Today we returned to our normal class schedule. The seniors tye-dyed shirts for arts and crafts which was a lot of fun, and right now for activity period campers are out in sail boats, jumping off the tower or going for a run among other things.

This evening we will play a game on the field although we're not sure which one yet. Tomorrow night for evening program will be our Asto Wamah talent night! Everyone is very excited getting ready to perform. We may even see some staff on the stage!

Tonight for dinner is pizza. Less than an hour until the dinner bell!

Abby Cabin 1 Counselor