Wednesday July 12

Happy Wamah Wednesday! Unfortunately, us bloggers (Maddy and Colleen, for those wondering) took a day off yesterday. To catch you up, we had a fun day of indoor activities to accommodate the rain. In the evening, we had an awesome talent show! Almost everybody participated in some sort of act, skit, song or dance. All of the girls can't stop talking about all of the incredible talent they saw last night. This morning started off with waffles and peanut butter. It was a gorgeous morning on the lake after yesterday's rain. The girls that are in level 6 or superstar swimming had the opportunity to swim to Frog Island. It's not actually an island, but it is a marked spot almost all the way across the lake that is quite shallow and known for its rock collection. All of the girls that make the swim there and back are allowed to keep a rock as a souvenir.

Lunch today was ravioli with salad and baguettes. We had some delicious cheesecake for dessert. This afternoon, activity period offerings were paddle boarding, sailing the Hunter, the tower, badminton by the flagpole and apples to apples.

Wednesday means another night off for the kitchen staff so we had our "eat out" meal again. Counselors took sandwich orders and everyone enjoyed eating outside. It was a lovely evening to be out by the water or even up in the woods. Now, the girls are very busy playing Cops and Robbers. It's our only game that is played counselors vs. campers and everyone gets very excited and competitive! Later this evening, our senior campers (cabins 6, 7, & 8) will be up on the A Field for a special treat - stargazing! It should be an clear night to see some awesome shooting stars!

Heads  up, tomorrow night is our Banquet evening. The camp laptop will be up in the lodge for the slideshow of photos from the session and the goPro video Colleen and Danny have put together (very exciting!), so blogging will have to wait until the next day. Check back Friday evening to hear how the last two days of camp go!

FYI pick up on Saturday morning will be from 8:30am to 10:00am.