Monday July 10th

Happy Monday! We resumed our normal schedule on this gorgeously sunny day at CAW. The morning started off with english muffins and cereal with watermelon and honeydew as a special treat. Last night we kicked off Secret Sisters! Secret Sisters started two years ago as an exercise we used to promote kindness and inclusivity within camp. Everyone chooses a name of someone in camp and keeps themselves anonymous while they send notes of kindness, give friendship bracelets, and pay compliments to their selected name. In a few days we will all reveal ourselves to our Secret Sisters! In the meantime, everyone is busy making and passing along their little gifts to their Secret Sister.

In honor of this special time at camp, we broke out the glitter today in arts and crafts! Everyone got involved in the beautiful mess that is glue and glitter.

Lunch today was lasagna with salad and we had fruit ice pops for dessert. This afternoon we had a very busy activity period. Girls could go on the tower, paddle board, play spoons (a card game) on the picnic table, sail a sunfish, or play kan jam. It was also very windy out and 6 campers had the opportunity to go on a wild ride on the Hunter with Maddy and Colleen.

Dinner this evening was chicken fajitas and a very special dessert - chocolate pudding pie. Tonight, the LTs will be hosting a very exciting carnival! It will be held by the waterfront/lodge area and the details are a surprise! We will fill you in tomorrow on how it goes!