Tuesday July 21st

Happy Tuesday! This Asto Wamah morning started off with blueberry bread and cereal. We had a great morning out on the lake and up on the field. Swimmers and boaters are definitely getting into the swing of their classes. On the field today, campers enjoyed parachute games and the ropes course. The girls are getting quite crafty during arts and crafts; many are well on their way with pillows and baskets. Lunch was chicken tenders, rice, carrots and green beans. After a nice rest hour, everyone got in the water for a beautifully sunny general swim. Activity periods today were tower, yoga, badminton, paddle boarding and soccer. All the girls made themselves busy with those activities and some went out on the rowboats and canoes.

Dinner this evening was cheesesteak sandwiches and cheesecake for dessert. It looks like a storm is approaching us, so we are about to begin an indoor evening program. We will split up into cabin sections and play "Reverse Scavenger Hunt." The girls will work as a cabin group to perform quick skits and compete with the other cabins in their sections.