Monday July 20th

The first full day of camp has been a great success! At 8:00am, we all gathered around the flagpole for the raising of the flag and “Chicken Fat” (our morning exercise routine). Breakfast was cornbread and cereal. Afterwards, everyone headed back to their cabins to do some cleaning and organizing. Every day, the nurse comes around and inspects the cabins and chooses the neatest cabin from each section (hilltop, lakeside and seniors) as the winner. The next bell rings for camp duties. Every cabin is assigned a duty around camp. Some duties include bailing boats, sweeping the lodge, collecting trash and putting the dishes away. At 10:00am first period began and the campers rotated through three different classes until noon. Seniors went from sports to swimming to boating. Lakesiders went from swimming to sports to arts and crafts. And Hilltoppers went from arts and crafts to boating to swimming.

Lunch was baked ziti with baguettes and salad with vanilla pudding for dessert. After rest hour, it was a a hot afternoon - perfect for a general swim. From there, everyone did the class they didn’t get to do in the morning. Seniors went to arts and crafts, lakesiders went to boating and hilltoppers went to the field for sports.

Activity period offerings today included jumping off the tower, a diving competition, kan jam, and paddle boarding. Other campers made themselves busy using the rowboats and canoes or playing ping pong and knock hockey.

Dinner this evening was tacos and yellow cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. Now the girls are getting ready for evening program. We will play a quick game of Non-Stop Cricket on the field and then have a general swim so everyone can cool off before bed.

Tomorrow looks like another hot and sunny day!