Second Session Girls '09-Day 4

It was another day of gorgeous weather! We had our classes as normal and a general swim this afternoon. We've just finished fourth period class and are on to activity period. For dinner this evening we'll be having "eat out." What this means is that all campers sit at a table not with their counselors or any other camper from their cabin. This way campers meet new people and make new friends.

Last night for evening program we decided to play Triad instead of Spies and Smugglers. Triad is a game of soccer with three goals instead of two. The camp divides into three teams to play; sometimes all campers play and sometimes we play in age groups (Hilltop, Lakeside, Seniors.) Everyone had a great time. Tonight will be our traditional game of Spies and Smugglers.

Abby Cabin 1 Counselor