February Update

Dear Friends of Asto Wamah, I hope that all is well in your world. I think of you and trust that you are enjoying this cold and now white winter. At least Colbie has brought the conditions for fun outside activities. Stay safe in all that you do.

For the past few months the landscape at camp has barely changed. Blizzard Colbie changed all of that! Before the snow, the lake was totally covered with probably 5 inches of the smoothest ice I have ever seen on Columbia Lake. The conditions were perfect for ice-skating.

All that ended with Colbie. I hope the pictures clearly and fully represent the whiteness and endlessness of the 20 inches of snow that fell on Jan. 27th. Walking beyond the plowed areas of the road and parking lot necessitate the use of snowshoes. Needless to say, moving through camp at this time is exhausting and difficult but the beauty of the snow cover is awesome.

The 2015 brochures will have already gone in the mail by the time this Blog is posted. If you have names and addresses of friends, relatives or neighbors who may be interested in attending camp this summer you can send me their contact information. You can use either c...@campastowamah.org or n...@gmail.com and I will mail out the brochure ASAP.

Hope a session at Asto Wamah will be a part of your summer plans. We would love to have you take part in this upcoming, exciting season at camp.

Don’t forget, camp enrollment is done on a first come first served basis so it is important that you get your application returned as quickly as you can.

Stay warm and safe. Remember, summer will be here before we know it!



Snow-1 Snow-2 Snow-3 Snow-4