January 2015 Update

Dear Friends and Followers of Asto Wamah, Happy New Year!! I send you best wishes for a super new year ahead. May it bring us all peace and all that is good.

Well, 2014 ended on a positive note for Asto Wamah with the Reunion on the 26th. Although the turnout was somewhat smaller than usual we had lots of fun playing games and revisiting the summer experience we had all shared. Friends were reconnected and there was much good cheer.

So far this winter has been noteworthy for its lack of snow, ice and cold weather. There have been some cold days here and there, but overall the temperature has been mild and other than a covering of snow at Thanksgiving, the ground has remained brown and leaf covered. The exposed lakebed has been somewhat wet and soft (certainly not frozen) until recently.   I am just starting to see some small icy areas floating close to shore. Maybe by the next Blog, I will have pictures of snow and ice for you.

Now that January is here, it is time to begin planning for registration and staff hiring. The 2015 brochure is at the printers now. Within a week or two, we will work to prepare them for the February 1st mailing. Those hoping to work at camp this summer are already returning applications. Right now it seems as though June is far off but experience tells us that it will be here faster than we think. If you have not sent in the names and addresses of friends, relatives or neighbors who may be interested in attending camp this summer, there is still time. That information can also be delivered via the contact page on the website: www.campastowamah.org/contact.php.

Wishing you a wonderful January ahead. Stay well, be good, and Remember the Other Fellow!