First Session Girls '09-Day 11

Yesterday was a very rainy day here at Asto Wamah. We were able to get most of the morning classes done as usual but a storm came in the afternoon so instead of fourth period we played a great game of Reverse Scavenger Hunt! In this game campers bring ten items from their cabin to the game and then use those items to create different scenes such as "Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Woods" or "A boating class" in their cabin groups. Everyone had a great time. Last night was our Asto Wamah talent show. We had everything from singing to skits to Irish step dancing. The kids really did a wonderful job.

Today the weather has been very nice so far and our classes are going along normally. We will have lasagna for lunch which we are all very excited about. This afternoon instead of Activity Period we will have a special guest performer! Each session we have some type of show for one days activity and this session we will have a ventriloquist.

We're not sure what evening program will be tonight yet, but we do know it will be our last camp game of the session. Tomorrow evening is our banquet and friday is our awards camp fire. The session is flying by so fast!

Abby Cabin 1 Counselor