First Session Girls '09- Day 7

Happy Fourth of July! We've had a wonderful holiday here at Asto Wamah. This morning we walked all the campers around the lake to the Town of Columbia Parade.  Many of the campers wore red, white and blue showing off their American pride! The parade was great though I'm sure all the candy that was thrown is what the girls enjoyed most. We've just gotten out of the water from general swim and are headed up the the A Field for a game of Non-stop Cricket. We'll have activity period as always today and then enjoy hotdogs for dinner. Today we also chose green and white captains for tomorrow's traditional Asto Wamah track and field day and split the rest of the campers into two teams. There are two captains for each section of cabins. We still aren't sure what game we will play this evening, perhaps the camp favorite"Pirates," but whatever it is it will be the first game we play on our green and white sides.

After the game tonight we will watch the fireworks over the lake and have ice cream sundaes to celebrate!

Abby Cabin 1 Counselor