March Update

FYI:  Asto Wamah's email accounts and were interrupted by technical issues during the past few weeks.  If you had sent a message and have not received an answer, please email us again or call 860-649-8614.    We are anxious to reply and apologize for any inconvenience.

Dear Asto Wamah Folks,

Hope this new month finds you well and excited about the fact that camp is getting nearer and nearer.  I know this weather is not conducive to visualizing grass, trees in leaf and the warm sun on Columbia Lake but surely these things cannot be far off now.

Because of the unusually hostile weather any outside projects that were planned for Feb. have been put on hold until we can see the ground and get around easily.  The deep and icy snow has made travel along paths and through the woods nearly impossible.  The cold has been a big deterrent to progress as well.

Luckily, the US Postal Service still delivers mail despite the weather and we have been pleased with the number of applications that have been received.  Within less than a week the third session was full.  Right now the waiting list for that July 20 to Aug. 2 session is quite long.  The good news is that there is still room in the coed week (June 29 to July 5) as well as the all boys session (July 6 to 19) and the all girls session from Aug. 3 to Aug. 16th.   Please continue to spread the word about Asto Wamah to friends, relatives and classmates that may be interested in attending this summer.  Thank you!

I have not including any pictures this month because the only thing that has changed since the start of February is the depth of the snow (which is terribly deeper) and the thickness of the ice.  As March progresses I will send some pictures your way.

Hope wherever you are, you are enjoying life and anticipating the summer of 2014 and some time at Asto Wamah.

All best,