Fantastic Friday!

Hello again blog followers! Today was another cool and wet day on Columbia Lake. Campers awoke to bowls of warm Mapo- oatmeal, cereal, bagels, and orange juice/hot chocolate. The campers, dressed in their sweatshirts and sweatpants, enjoyed the warm dishes! The campers had a normal morning schedule because as 10 o'clock rolled around, the rain let up! The lake water is always a bit warmer on a cool cloudy day,  so campers in the upper swimming levels enjoyed working on their butterfly stroke today. Campers were allowed to get out of class a few minutes early to change back into warm clothes. The campers worked diligently on their projects in arts and crafts and continue to show improvement in their boating classes as well. The dinner today was a camp favorite, Sheppard's pie with salad and bread. The dessert was blue raspberry or lime sorbet. The campers enjoyed relaxing during rest hour and then instead of doing a general swim, the whole camp went up on the A-field to play a game of non-stop cricket. It was a lot of laughs!

The activities offered today were zumba, catch phrase, apples- to apples, Nuke em, and many campers decided to use the period to work on their talent night skits. I look forward to seeing some funny acts on Monday night! Today's inspection winners were cabins, 2,4,&6! The campers had a supper of chicken fajitas with applesauce and chips. They finished the meal with a dessert of pink cherry cake for dessert! YUM! Many campers also received something from their secret sister today. The sisters gave notes, bracelets, and complements sneakily so they can keep their identity a secret.

Tonight's evening program is one that campers wait all year for...PIRATES! The campers are split into two teams and are given a "pirate gun". The gun is a cloth filled with flour. The teams roam throughout the camp/woods trying to tag each other with their pirate gun. The  campers are all dressed in dark clothing so they will be able to tell if they are hit by a gun. If they get hit by a member of the opposing team, then they have to give up their pirate gun, which are worth points. While the two teams 'battle' each other for guns they are also looking for their teams' hidden treasure. Somewhere in camp, two jugs (treasures) are hidden and if they are found the teams get many extra points. It is going to be a great game.

Hope you all had a fantastic Friday! We sure did!

- The Birch Blogger