Day 2!!

Today, we awoke to a light rain pounding on the roofs of the cabins--nice and relaxing! We had a breakfast of cereal, oranges, and "Wamah Golden Bread," a sweet bread. By the time we had finished eating, the weather had cleared, so we were able to have regular boating and swimming classes. Many campers rowed boats for the first time. They did a great job! Sports classes played team-building games in the upper lodge because the A-field was too wet to play on. Arts and Crafts classes started many new projects, including pillows, friendship bracelets, gimp, and T-shirts. Dinner today was chicken fingers, rice, green beans, summer squash, and bread, with jello and whipped cream for dessert!

After working hard all morning, campers enjoyed their Rest Hour. The weather stayed clear for General Swim and 4th period classes. However, as the afternoon wore on, storm clouds rolled in, and everyone gathered in the lodge to stay dry as more rain and a bit of thunder hit. Counselors set up tables with various board games, and campers could pick a game to play for Activity Period. After, we had a meal of pizza, chips, and applesauce, with orange cake for dessert-yummy!

Because of all the rain, we played an indoor game for Evening Program. The game, Reverse Scavenger Hunt, involves cabins collectively bringing 10 items from the cabin to use as props in skits. They are given a scenario, such as impersonating a counselor, acting out a pop concert, or doing some sort of camp activity, and then have a few minutes to prepare a skit and perform it for the other cabins in their area of camp. For each scenario, the cabin with the funniest skit gets a point.  Because the skits involve a lot of improvisation, everyone always laughs a lot during this game!

After singing goodnight songs, some campers went in the lake for a quick dip to cool off before bed. Now, everyone is fast asleep, recharging for another fun-filled day tomorrow!

Until tomorrow,

-the Birch Blogger