Friday, August 12th

As we begin our last day at camp, we are able to reflect on yesterday. Yesterday was quite an interesting day! With the bad weather we had it made for a different banquet meal. Due to the extreme heat and humidity, we had a fairly normal set up of tables for our dinner as opposed to everyone sitting in the upper lodge and not on the porch. Our meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberries was of course, delicious! Thanks to the hard work from Sue and our kitchen staff! 

After our meal, we had a great slideshow of pictures from all throughout the session that allowed us to have a good laugh and think back to everything we have done throughout the session! We then had our typical candle light service. This is a time for each of us to see how important we are. We turn the lights off and we get a candle that we light one at a time until the entire room is alight with candlelight. It truly is a beautiful sight to see. Sometimes we are able to do it outside and then put the candles in the lake, but the wind decided to pick up just as we were going to head out. As soon as our candlelight service has ended, we no longer speak for the remainder of the night. This gives us all a chance to reflect on what we are thankful for and what we will miss when we go home tomorrow! 

Today we will be pulling the boats out of the water and putting them away! This is probably one of the oddest days we have at camp because it becomes very empty when we put everything away! 

Everyone has mixed emotions about tomorrow! With campers getting ready to be picked up at 8:30, some are excited to go home while others are quite upset about leaving! Everyone has had quite a lovely session and will miss camp dearly!

We will see you all tomorrow! Don't forget that pick up is between 8:30-10:00!! Your campers are anxious to see you all! 

We have had quite a great session and on behalf of all the staff here at Asto Wamah, we will miss everyone and we hope to see you all here next year!!

~Allissa Parker