Banquet night!

We woke up this morning to the sun shining and a nice breeze. After our morning exercises, we had blueberry bread and cereal for breakfast. Cabin clean up and camp duties went well and then we were off to first period! Campers worked hard in their swimming and smallcraft classes with the hope of passing into the next level. Everyone has made great progress and has learned many new skills these past 2 weeks! Campers are also beginning to wrap up their arts and crafts projects. We have many artistically talented campers who have created beautiful projects! For dinner, we had our traditional egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches. Campers were also able to choose whether they wanted delicious leftovers, including lasagna, meatballs, and beef BBQ.

After dinner, campers went to store and then rested before going to general swim. We had a special treat for the campers today - before general swim started, our seniors superstar swimming class put on a synchronized swimming performance! They did a great job!

After fourth period and activity period, campers and staff prepared for Banquet! Banquet is a favorite for many staff and campers. Our meal is similar to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner - turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, and even stuffing! We also had ice cream for dessert! After the meal, campers sang camp songs; we even had a guest (former staff member) lead a song, which was a nice treat! Campers then received their year awards, which symbolize and celebrate their ability to increase their independence by leaving home for 2 weeks. Banquet ended with our candlelight service. We were lucky to have very little wind and put our candles into the lake to end the evening. Campers are now fast asleep so they can reenergize before our busy day tomorrow!