December Update

Happy December to the MANY friends of Asto Wamah!

     Now that we are entering the last month of the year, Asto Wamah looks a lot different than it looked just 30 days ago.  The short days, bare trees and lowered lake forecast the cold and snow that will inevitably be arriving shortly.  With that in mind, we have been working hard to make sure everything is ready for the weeks and months ahead.  The water has been drained from all the pipes, the cabins and buildings are all locked and secured and there is an ample supply of wood to burn in the Arts and Crafts fireplace.  We are prepared for inside projects until spring arrives. 

     The picture I have drawn of Asto Wamah in December is quiet and sleepy.  Actually, December is a month of great activity.  Applications are arriving daily from 15 year-olds who are interested in being LTs in 2016.  Also some improvements are being considered in the program area for next summer.  New and former staff will begin the process of completing staff applications.  The new brochure will very soon go to the printer so that it is ready for mailing on February 1st.  And of course there is the Camp Reunion. 

     This year, for the first time in decades, the reunion will not be on 12/26 but rather on Saturday, January 9th from 1:00 to 3:00 in Hartford, at Center Church House, 60 Gold St.  We are starting earlier than usual so that if you and your family/friends are interested in ice skating (open until 8pm) or riding the carousel (open until 5 pm) in Bushnell Park you will have time to do that before dark.  Bushnell Park is right across the street from the Church House.  Both of those opportunities are open and terrific fun.  Very soon, all 2015 campers and staff will be receiving an invitation in the mail.  It will provide you more details about our time together on January 9th.

     If you have a friend, sibling, classmate or neighbor who may be interested in attending Asto Wamah, please send me their contact information so I can add them to our mailing list.  We are always eager to introduce new families to camp.  You are our advertisement!  Thank you for spreading the word.

     Hope your Holiday Season is joyful and filled with opportunities to Remember the Other Fellow!