November Update

Dear Wamah Friends,

October at camp began with much color and most of the leaves still on the trees.  In the past few days, between the wind and the rain, it is looking a lot more like winter.  Deep leaves cover the paths and ground.  I am including 2 pictures taken in the exact same place.  One was taken during the first week of October.  The other was taken at the end of the month. It is amazing the difference a few weeks make at this time of year.

On November 1st the dam will be opened and the lake will be drawn down to its winter level.  I will send you pictures of that transformation in the December blog.

During the fine weather of October many projects were undertaken.  At last, the Tool Shed (by the archery range) was painted.  Long needed repairs in Hungerford have begun.  An overdue improvement in the Lodge, the stripping of the 60-year-old floor, is complete. It looks like a new floor.  It is bright and shiny and livens up the space.  The picture will give you an idea of how spectacular it looks.

Many of us are already working on plans for the summer of 2016!  A number of campers and parents have asked about the schedule for next summer so they can plan vacations around a session or two at Asto Wamah.  The season dates have now been finalized and a postcard will be going out next week with that information.  For now, I can tell you that camp will begin on June 26th with one week of coed, then two weeks of all boys (July 3 – 16) followed by 2 more all girl sessions (July 17-30 and July 31 to Aug. 13).  You can always check out the website for the most up-to-date information about CAW.

I realize that Christmas is still a ways off (don’t tell the retailers who have already decorated) but I thought you who are familiar with the Asto Wamah calendar of events should know that our annual Camp Reunion will NOT be on December 26.  Instead we will hold it on January 9.  It seems that the day after Christmas tends to be hectic and filled with family gatherings and travel.  We hope Jan. 9th will turn out to be a better afternoon for you to join your camp friends in a reunion party.  More details will be coming in the December Blog.  Stay tuned.

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving of abundance and sharing,