Boys - Day 9

Today was a beautiful day! We started it off with cornbread and cereal, followed by our daily cabin cleaning. After camp duties, campers went to their morning classes. In arts and crafts campers made their own necklaces and paintings. Meanwhile, in swimming campers went snorkeling and worked on their butterfly. Many of the campers struggle to get the specific rhythm down during the butterfly so many staff put on the “Butterfly Bootcamp” where we break it down and have campers learn it bit by bit. Even by the end of the first “bootcamp”, campers looked much better!

After a lunch of ravioli and salad, campers enjoyed rest hour and general swim. A few campers in Deep Water have been working on their “Wamah Wall”. They have been moving small stones to a shallower part of Deep Water and making a little walkway of sorts so they can touch! It has been entertaining watching campers walk through 6 feet of water!

Campers have just finished their taco dinner and are heading up to the A-field for evening program. Tonight they are playing Pirates! Many returning campers love this game. Campers run around all of camp searching for keys to the other team’s treasure chest. Once all of the keys are found they can open the chest to find a map to the buried treasure. They can also collect litter and turn it in for points!

Everyone should be tired after tonight’s activities so we are expecting everyone to sleep well. We cannot believe we are in the home stretch!