Another One Bites The Dust- Day 7 Second Girls


This morning we had a new camp favorite, cinnamon buns which was served with cereal, orange juice, and hot chocolate. This morning the schedule was very different then most days. Instead of our normal morning schedule it was TRACK AND FIELD DAY! Following cabin cleanup, the girls headed to the A Field to compete in 4 different events. The events included, standing long jump, running long jump, softball throw, and the 50 yard dash. After these events the campers headed into the water for the first general swim! Following this was our noon time meal. This year Sue, the cook decided to change the typical meal of ham and noodles to ham and mashed potatoes. The girls enjoyed this change and ate all of the ham! For dessert the girls were served lemon or strawberry sorbet. After lunch we had a much needed rest hour, the morning was very long for a lot of the girls. Following rest hour we had a marathon, where some girls ran from the A field all the way to flag pole. After the marathon all of the campers participated in the Wamah War Relay! The relay includes swimming, running, and boating. Following the relay we had a second general swim. After the general swim the campers gathered into the lodge for supper. Supper this evening was beef BBQ, chips, carrots, and apple sauce. Evening program tonight was various relays. The relays included kickball toss, dizzy Duzy, soccerball toss, ping pong walk, and many more. They competed in these events to earn points for their team (Green or White). Toodles Till Tomorrow <3