First Day of the Coed Session

Today marked the first full day of the Asto Wamah Camp season! With the sun shining bright, we started off our day with a hearty breakfast of yogurt and waffles to get us ready for the big day ahead. We headed back to our cabins to tidy up our bunks, straighten up the clothesline, and get dressed for our classes that would follow. From swimming lessons in the lake, to learning how to row a boat and canoe, to running on the A-field for sports, to painting canvases and making bracelets in arts and crafts, we were busy up until lunch. For our noon-time meal our plates were full of chicken tenders, rice, and green beans followed by some chocolate pudding for dessert. Tired from our busy morning schedule, we headed to our cabins for rest hour to recharge for our afternoon activities. At three o’clock we changed into our bathing suits and headed back into the water for our free swim period, general swim. We jumped off the tower in deep water, chilled on noodles in intermediate, and played games in aquarium. Following general swim, we had fourth period and activity period before supper. For our evening meal we had tacos, apple sauce, and chips as well as vanilla cake for dessert. We ended the night with an intense game of capture the flag that allowed us to get out all of our energy before bed. All around, it was a great first day of camp and we cannot wait for the rest of the session!