Boys Camp

We had another beautiful day on Columbia Lake!

Today was the first day of classes for all of the campers and they were all very excited! The swimmers couldn't wait to get into the water and the small craft classes were busy learning all of their strokes and parts of their boat. Sports classes got to play a camp favorite - Nuke 'em! It's a great game to help everyone learn names. In arts and crafts some boys chose to attend nature classes, others started working on making a basket, and the rest were left to put their creativity to the test! A few even made up their own board games! 

Lunch was a tasty dish of ravioli with chocolate pudding for dessert, and for dinner we had steak sandwiches followed by cherry cake for dessert! 

Tonight's game for evening program will be capture the flag. This game can be played both on the field and in the woods which makes it a little more difficult! We hope all the campers play hard so they can sleep soundly tonight.

-Shannon and Sloane