July 31, 2017

Today proved to be a great first full day here at camp! With beautiful weather from the wake up bell to bedtime, campers and counselors had a day packed with fun and excitement. Boaters began their learning of rowing, and swimmers started to improve their strokes. In Arts and Crafts, some were lucky enough to start making projects with our talented basket weaver, Carol!

After a lunch of ravioli with french Baugettes, everyone had a quiet rest hour followed by a general swim. During sports, tradition was carried on by playing a game to help everyone learn each other's names quickly and effectively!

Today we also started sign-ups for different activities at camp: The Hunter (our largest sailboat), the Sunfish (our fleet of smaller sailboats), and stand up paddle boards. Everyone is looking forward to trying these new opportunities offered at camp!

Supper featured tacos with applesauce, and yellow cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. Afterwards, we headed up to the A-field for evening program and vespers. Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow for another day full of new and exciting activities!

-Shannon and Sloane