Boys - Day 6

This morning, we woke up to a beautifully sunny sky after a night of rain. For breakfast, we enjoyed toasty bagels, an assortment of cereals, oranges, banana, and yogurt. The weather forecast brought great news to camp as it predicted a full sunny day.

Morning classes were terrific! Everyone is starting to master their new skills in boating and swimming classes! For lunch was the Camp Asto Wamah classic and fan favorite: Shepard’s Pie. It was such a hit the line for seconds filled the inner lodge. To top of the meal was yummy and entertaining Jello.

We had a wonderful afternoon here at camp. We had another great windy day that our biggest sailboat, The Hunter, set sail on Columbia lake for the first time this session! We had pulled pork for dinner with the favorite sides of carrots, chips, and applesauce.

For evening program, as the a-field continues to fully dry after a night of rain, we played Murder By Night. The kids have to get into some detective work and figure out which staff member committed “the crime”. The game outs the kids’ thinking skills to work to piece together the puzzle laid out by the counselors.

We hope for a cool night for everyone to get some well earned rest and be ready for another great day tomorrow!