July 6th

Good evening! This morning was a beautiful start to another camp day. Cinnamon bread, Maypo, and cereal were served for breakfast. In senior sports today, the girls played an extremely enthusiastic game of touch football, showing us that these girls want to play just as much as the boys! In sailing class today, the wind was just right to learn how to tack and sail upwind back towards camp.

Lunch was chicken parmesan and spaghetti with fruit popsicles for dessert.  The water was a perfect temperature for general swim after rest hour. Activities offered today included paddle boarding, tower jumping, yoga, Kan Jam, badminton, and hair wraps!

Philly Cheese Steaks were for dinner, and cheesecake was for dessert. Evening program tonight will be King Dodge! Hopefully everyone will jump in the lake for  a quick dip after the game to cool off before bed.

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