Saturday July 25th

Happy Saturday Birch Blog readers! We have enjoyed another great day at CAW. This morning started off with bagels, cereal and oatmeal. Today marks the middle of the session, so that means it was bunk change day. Everyone who has been sleeping on a bottom bunk this past week had the opportunity to switch to a top bunk. Counselors made some decisions about where people would move around the cabin to mix things up for the next week. Lunch today was ravioli with baguettes and salad. We had a "leftovers" dessert which meant campers could choose from jello, cherry cake or apple crisp. Later in the afternoon, we had some very creative activity periods. Kevin and Mel offered a meditation lesson on the field. Sarah and Gillian held finger painting in the arts and the crafts room. And then we had some of our regular offerings like paddle boarding and kan jam. Everyone seemed to be very engaged in activity this afternoon.

Tonight was another evening off for the kitchen staff. We had a hotdogs, chips and pasta salad and cookies and grapes for dessert. Instead of eating outside as a cabin group, everyone sat in the dining room "mix up" style. Every camper sat at a table other than their own without any of their cabin mates. It was a great opportunity for the girls to meet some new people and learn some new names.

Fortunately, it looks like a clear night for a game on the field! We will be playing "Garbage Can." It is a game similar to handball, but with a few extra balls and some added twists.

Tomorrow is our special Track Meet day. The entire camp has been split up into two teams - green and white. We will not follow our normal class schedule. Instead, we will spend the morning up on the field competing in solo track events. Then, in the afternoon, we will compete in team activities.  Track Meet is always a favorite day for campers! Stay tuned tomorrow for all the details!