Thursday July 23rd

Hi there! It's been another fantastic day at Camp Asto Wamah! We started off this morning with english muffins, cereal, and Maypo. Classes are going well so far, everyone is having so much fun! The wind has picked up enough that our Sunfish are zooming around the lake. Lunch today was meatballs and gravy with mashed potatoes and corn. Dessert was raspberry churros, with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.  a quiet rest hour, all of the campers enjoyed General Swim and activity period offerings included jumping off the tower, rowing out to Frog Island, paddle boarding, tennis up at the courts, and Kan Jam by the Flagpole.

Dinner was grilled cheese with tomato soup and cherry cake for dessert. Tonight is a very special event for Evening Program- it's Carnival! Each cabin will host an event for campers to come participate in around the Flagpole. Booths will include Limbo, Water Balloon Toss, Face Painting, High School Musical Chairs, and Cup Stacking! The Kitchen Staff will be providing delicious  Flavor Ice Pops to the campers throughout the evening.

Check back tomorrow for more updates!