An Awesome Tuesday!!

Even with a little bit of rain we still had a fun day here at camp. We were able to have all classes today around the rain but instead of having sports outside, classes were in the upper lodge. I don't think anyone minded being inside because we still played some fun games including Wild West Showdown. During activity period the wind on the lake was great so our sailboat, the Hunter, went out with six campers and many of the intermediate and advanced sailors took to the lake as well. Other campers played basketball, ultimate frisbee, and can-jam.

During free-time many of the campers have been preparing for the talent show tonight and dress up breakfast tomorrow. We always have a talent show at girls camp but this is the first time in years that boys camp will be having a talent show and the campers, LT, and staff all seem very excited! Then tomorrow morning each cabin will dress up and put on a little skit. The theme is "cabin's choice" and I've heard rumors of Super Heroes, Counselor impersonations, and Spartans; it is definitely going to be a fun breakfast.

Thanks for reading!

- The Birch Blogger