Track & Field Day!

Today was an exciting day here at Asto Wamah because it was track and field day! The campers were split into two teams, green and white, and competed both individually and as a team in various events. The morning began with four big events on the A-field: the softball throw, standing long jump, running long jump, and a 50 yard dash. For these events the campers traveled in their cabin groups (hilltop, lakeside, seniors) competing for first, second, and third place. The morning was filled with cheers for both the green and white teams. The afternoon featured a camp-wide event known as the Indian War Relay. This is the first team event that includes each member. The race begins at the top of the camp road; runners pass a baton between each other until they reach main dock. At main dock the baton is passed off to a swimmer who swims to white raft and hands it to another swimmer who goes to grey raft. Once the baton gets to grey raft, it is handed off to teammates in a row boat. There are two sets of boats who then pass the baton off to a canoe. The canoes eventually get to Hungerford dock (near where the LTs live), and pass the baton to more runners. The runners get it to pollywog dock where the last two swimmers swim back to main dock. In the end the white team was victorious! This is a big win because the relay gets the white team a lot of points.

This evening we had meatball grinders for dinner and the traditional green and white cake for dessert. Those on the green team had vanilla cake with green frosting and those on the white team had the same cake but white white frosting. Tonight we continue on with team events. The campers will once again be competing by their cabin groups (hilltop, lakeside, seniors), in a series of relay races on the A-field. Tonight’s events are worth even more points than this morning, so this is a great time for one team to really take the lead.

Track and field day has been a huge success thus far, but you will have to stay tuned to hear the final results! The final scores will be released in the Birch Barker (our camp newspaper) on Banquet night. All of this running around will definitely have everyone exhausted just in time for bed.

Until next time,

-The Birch Blogger