Happy 4th of July!

Hello Birch Bloggers, Happy 4th of July! The past two days have been filled with lots of activity – we have not let the rain get us down! Thankfully we were able to get a full day of classes in yesterday along with most of a regularly scheduled evening. For dinner we had grilled cheese and tomato soup which was followed by chocolate pudding pie (a camp favorite) for dessert! For evening program we put on a carnival in the lodge. Each cabin picked an activity they wanted to run and they were given beans that acted as money where they could play and win. The games offered were musical chairs, limbo, a hair braiding station (for the girls), an obstacle course, cards, and more. Campers could turn in the beans they earned for an ice pop as a tasty treat to end the night.

This morning we were treated to a delicious meal of waffles and peanut butter. I had never had peanut butter on waffles until I came to camp, so don’t be surprised if your children as for a side of peanut butter the next time they have waffles! Most of the morning ran smoothly; we moved inside for third period where we played games as an alternative to the regular swimming and boating classes. The swimming class played an exciting game of Scattegories followed by a game of Categories and a sing-off.

For lunch we had another camp favorite, Shepard’s Pie, with some refreshing watermelon for dessert. Then we moved into rest hour where most campers headed back to their cabins for some quiet time. Those who had unfinished arts and crafts projects were given the option to stay in the lodge and work on them. Rest hour has ended, so the campers are currently in the lodge playing games offered by the staff. There are activities like Catchphrase, cards, arts and crafts, and Scattegories being offered.

Next we will move into fourth period, which will most likely be held indoors. They will have a little bit of free time before enjoying pizza and applesauce for dessert. Tonight evening program will consist of a skills challenge. For the skills challenge, they are divided (hilltop, lakeside, and seniors) and then compete as a cabin to win. Skills challenge is always a fun rainy day evening program because some of the skills – picking up marbles with your toes, writing with your opposite hand – are pretty ridiculous.

As per tradition, the last night of the session will conclude with a modified version of campfire. Instead of s’mores, campers will be treated to ice cream sundaes in celebration of the 4th of July. This will be accompanied by an awards ceremony that takes place in the upper lodge. They will get an award based on how many years they have come to camp (first years receive a hat, second years receive a feather, etc.). You can ask any returning camper and most of staff and they will tell you they still have all of their year awards. Campers will also be receiving awards for passing boating and swimming classes.

This will conclude the final night of the coed session; I can’t believe how fast time has flown! It seems like just yesterday they were moving in and we were learning the names of our cabin-mates. When you arrive to get your campers (8:30-10am tomorrow!) be sure to ask them all about this week because I am sure they will have plenty of stories to tell. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the Asto Wamah season is off to a great start!

- The Birch Blogger


-Pick-up time tomorrow is 8:30-10am!