Day 5

Good evening everyone, today for breakfast we had bagels and oatmeal. We also enjoyed some hot cocoa on this chilly morning. Our normally scheduled classes were changed due to a very special guest speaker, Bobby Daly. He is a former Camp Asto Wamah staff member and has been serving in the peace corps for 2 years now. He presented information regarding the lives of those he has worked with in Uganda. Bobby explained how life in Uganda is different from our lives in the United States. He taught the campers a few songs and they seemed to have a lot of fun!

For lunch today we had baked ziti, baguettes and a fresh green salad on the side. After lunch we resumed our typically scheduled classes. Campers got to enjoy swimming, boating, sailing, and stand up paddle boarding. 

For supper we had chicken melts! Pretty soon we will be heading up to the field to begin our evening program. We are playing King Dodge ball. This game is different from medical war. In this game when a person gets out, they have to go to the other side and try to get out of jail by hitting someone with a dodgeball. Tonight's game is sure to tire everyone out! 

Until tomorrow, 


Day 4

After yesterdays rain storm, we were thrilled to be back to our normal camp activities today! The day began with a fan favorite of chocolate chip bread, a perfect start to this sunny, beautiful day! Then came the task of cleaning up the cabin and dealing with very wet clothes lines -- luckily we started an overflow line to help the drying process along!

The first three periods ran as normal, and then came dinner (our lunch time meal) of meat loaf that was enjoyed by all! A new recipe which was a hit amongst the campers! Rest hour, a time to relax, nap, work on small projects and get ready for the rest of the day, followed a trip to the store for, most likely, a piece of candy. 

Activity period included games of frisbee, jumping off the tower and playing gaga. There was no cookee bell tonight as kitchen staff had the day off, meaning eat out!!! Sandwiches of PB&J, turkey, ham and hummus were packed into baggies and into picnic baskets. Cabins got to eat together at various parts around camp, docks and picnic tables included! Bug juice (lemonade) was passed around along with chips and cookies! 

Now were all getting ready for evening program, Spies and Smugglers! 

Until tomorrow,

Gillian and Sloane

Day 2 & 3

Yesterday was a very successful first full day of camp! Everyone was excited to start classes and begin improving their swimming and rowing skills, as well as starting arts and crafts projects. In sports classes, we played the classic first day game called "Nuke 'Em", which helps everyone learn each other's names!

After dinner (we call lunch "dinner" at camp because it is our largest meal of the day) and rest hour, we were able to enjoy the beautiful water with a general swim. For activity period, campers were able to jump off the tower, play Kan Jam, and corn hole. We also started a sign-up list for the Hunter, Sunfish, and Paddleboards to be used throughout the session.

For evening program, we played a classic game of "Capture the Flag." About 30 girls came to the a-field early to expel some extra energy. This game was a huge hit and a great way to start off the week!

After a good night's sleep, this morning we served blueberry bread and cereal alternatives, and now everyone is back at their cabins getting ready for the day. We're hoping the rainy weather holds off for morning classes, but we are prepared for a day of indoor activities such as small craft jeopardy, board games, counselor trivia, and Reverse Scavenger Hunt!

Until tomorrow,

Amanda and Sloane

Day 1

Good evening everyone, today is the start of girls' camp! We had many returning campers, as well as 17 brand new ones. Once all of the campers were moved in, cabins began reviewing rules and went on tours of the camp. Brand new campers tested their swimming skills in order to see where they would be placed for swimming classes and general swim. 

For dinner tonight we enjoyed hot dogs and tater tots, along with baked beans. We also had brownies for dessert! For tonight's evening program the camp will be playing a camp wide game of "medical war". This is a huge game of dodgeball, and the camp is split into two teams. The goal is to get as many of the other team's players out. This game is for sure a camp favorite. The campers had a very busy first day and will likely be tired and ready for bed soon!

Until tomorrow, 


Days 12 and 13

Good morning everyone, yesterday was a busy day here at camp. We had normally scheduled classes until the evening when we played a camp-wide game of non stop cricket. Yesterday was the camp's traditional Banquet! This is our supper and evening program mixed into one. Our night takes place in the main dining hall of the lodge. Guests from outside of camp also come to partake in our night. We even had the minister of Center Church as a guest. We enjoy a Thanksgiving style meal (Turkey, potatoes, and all the fixings) followed by ice cream. The campers also received their year awards at this event. These awards are given each year to recognize the number of summers a camper has come to camp. To finish our night we have a candle light reading. This is a reflective period, where campers have the chance to remember their two weeks here at camp. 

Today for breakfast we had chocolate chip bread and orange juice and hot cocoa. Following breakfast campers are beginning to pack their belongings up for pick up tomorrow. Pick up tomorrow is between 8:30am- 9:30am. Today campers will begin to test in classes to see if their skills have improved to move on to the next level. Tonight the campers will be in for a treat. Tonight is Camp Fire! This is where the camp comes together as a whole to sing songs and receive awards. 

Until next session, 

Day 11

For breakfast this morning, we served cornbread and cereals! In place of first period, level 6 and above swimmers were able to participate in the much anticipated "Frog Island" swim! The campers were followed closely by lifeguards and row boats, as they swam their way to the shallow 'island' of Colombia lake. Many of them choose to take a famous "Frog Island" rock back with them as well!

Dinner, our noontime meal but called dinner as it is our largest meal here at camp, was the famous shepard's pie! Deb, our arts and crafts director, was able to bring two young pigs to visit camp today. Rather than wasting left over food, here at camp, we put everything into the 'pig bucket' and it goes on to feed these very same pigs! Campers got to enjoy petting and even bottle feedings these cute 6 week old piglets just before rest hour began. 

Supper this evening was eat out, meaning cabin counselors picked up their picnic baskets and took off to various places around camp, such as Cook's dock, the gazebo and the counselor ring. "Bug juice" (camp slang for lemonade) and cookies were a great addition to the PB&J's and turkey sandwiches. 

Todays supper was important as it was the last opportunity for Birch Barker submissions. The Birch Barker is our camp newsletter that goes out during banquet, which is tomorrow! 

This evening program will be "Murder by Night". This game is a giant, camp wide version of the popular board game Clue. Campers go around in groups quizzing counselors about their "alibis" and trying to figure out who did it. Shhhh - this time Olivia was 'killed'!

Stay tuned for the excitement banquet brings tomorrow, our Thanksgiving styled supper!

Until tomorrow,

Sloane and Gillian

Day 10

Good evening everyone!  Today for breakfast we had delicious cinnamon bread with hot cocoa! The campers were excited to start their day because many have begun to perfect their strokes in swimming, and boating. As for sports class today, the campers had the choice to go to the ropes course! 

For dinner today the campers enjoyed pork chops and mashed potatoes, with a side of green beans! For dessert the campers enjoyed another camp favorite of butterscotch pudding! Following lunch and rest hour we had a normal general swim. This swim was appreciated by many as it was such a perfect day to enjoy the water! 

For supper today we enjoyed pizza with a fresh green salad on the side. For dessert we had vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, partially to help celebrate the 3 birthdays in camp! Following tonights meal, the campers are in for a treat tonight as it is LT Carnival! This carnival is hosted by our counselors in training who will be providing multiple games and challenges for the campers to participate in! With such a busy day the campers are sure to fall asleep quickly!

Until tomorrow, 


Day 9

Good evening! After morning bells rang, we gobbled up delicious blueberry bread! We resumed our regular class schedules today. The morning went smoothly, although a few campers complained of sore muscles after so much running yesterday. The sailors were lucky to have good wind around the lake and swimmers started to perfect their strokes in anticipation for testing later this week. Nature was very exciting today, as campers learned about Ant Lions. These creatures live right below the sand and create small traps in the surface of the ground to capture ants to eat. The campers collected a few of these interesting insects and placed them in a terrarium. This has proved to be entertaining to many campers! At many points today, campers were surrounding the terrarium eyes glued to the activities going on within, 

Lunch was Texas Casserole with fresh greens. This is a camp favorite for many! Campers welcomed Rest Hour after a busy morning and many enjoyed a refreshing dip during General Swim afterwards. In Arts and Crafts, campers prepared props for tonight's festivities. Tonight's evening program is Talent Night! Campers from all cabins gave been preparing skits, songs, and dances everyone's enjoyment. It is has brought cabins together as they work as a team to complete their performances. Staff and campers alike are looking forward to what cabins have in store for us. We are expecting many laughs as campers go all out!

Paddle boards went out at Activity Period today granting campers the opportunity to enjoy the lake a little bit more before dinner. The kitchen prepared chicken patties for us with chips and apple sauce. However, the dessert stole the show as we had chocolate pudding pie for dessert. You haven't had the real camp experience without trying this famous dessert!

Until tomorrow!

Amanda and Taylor

Track & Field Day

To start off this competitive day, we served bagels with cream cheese and cereal. Instead of normal morning classes, we went straight to the field for the standing long jump, running long jump, softball throw, and 50-yard dash! Everyone was excited to participate and support one another, regardless of their team. To cool off, we had a quick general swim before dinner.

For dinner we had ham and egg noodles with corn, and sorbet for dessert. Following the meal, we had a much needed rest hour for campers to re-energize for the rest of their active day. After rest hour there was an optional "marathon" run, which is about half of a mile down camp road ending at the lakeside wash stand. Next on today's list, we did the Indian War Relay starting at the top of the camp road and finishing at main dock, with many twists and turns along the way- including handing the batons off to swimmers, boaters, and canoes! It was an exciting race all along the way, but the green team ended up taking home the win.

Afterwards, we held swim races where campers swam against others in their swim areas, then had a second general swim. For supper, we had hamburgers with lettuce and tomatoes, and brownies for dessert. Tonight for evening program we are going to the field to play a variety of relay races, where each cabin group is split to go head to head- green versus white.

After today's events and excitement, everyone is sure to have a good night's sleep and be well rested for tomorrow!

Until then,

Amanda and Sloane

Day 7

To start off this cool morning we had chocolate chip bread for breakfast! Since today was the half way point of boys session, everyone headed back to their cabins after breakfast to switch bunks around. Morning classes went smoothly and campers improved their swimming and boating skills, and had fun in sports and arts & crafts.

For dinner the kitchen served lasagna with salad, and some campers even went up for thirds! After rest hour we had general swim and fourth period, followed by activity period where some campers went jumping off the tower.

For supper the kitchen staff is on their night out, and so we served hot dogs outside around the flagpole area instead of in the lodge, which allowed us to enjoy nature and dine with people outside of our cabin groups. Soon we will be heading up to the field soon to play "Step-it-Up," which involves playing mini games to earn beans that move your "robot" closer to the finish line, step by step! For this game, the camp will be split into their Green and White teams, which will be the same teams they will be playing for tomorrow in Track and Field Day!

Until tomorrow,

Sloane and Shannon

Day 6

For breakfast we enjoyed a camp tradition of waffles and peanut butter! Morning classes went smoothly. We did received a short storm where we had to have some classes inside, but campers were able to enjoy activities such as Small craft Jeopardy!

For dinner we had Swedish meatball and mashed potatoes, followed by jello for dessert! After rest hour we had a change in the normal schedule; a special guest Carla is a drummer who is raising money to build wells in Africa. I think it's safe to say the kids and staff all enjoyed learning more about other cultures.

For supper we had pulled pork and offered left overs as alternatives, with cheesecake for dessert. Tonight, the campers are in for a treat because we are playing Pirate Gangs! This game is a favorite because it uses most of the camp property, and you have to battle using "guns" (rags filled with flour) to hunt for the other team's treasure! Everyone is sure to sleep well after such an eventful day!

Until tomorrow,

Amanda and Sloane

Day 4 & 5

Good evening blog readers! It's been a busy last few days; so busy we were unable to post yesterday! For Independence Day yesterday, we had ice cream sundaes and played "Rebels v Redcoats" (capture the flag with a patriotic name) and it was a fun time for all celebrating the 4th of July!

For breakfast this morning we served blueberry bread and cereal alternatives. For morning classes, there was no trouble motivating the campers to get in the water because they all were looking forward to cooling down from this week's heat and humidity.

Dinner was baked ziti with baguettes and salad with pears for dessert, a favorite of many here at camp. Campers enjoyed splashing around during general swim, and a few campers were lucky enough to take an excursion on our largest sailboat here at camp: the Hunter! It was a nice breezy day perfect for sailing around Columbia Lake.

To end the day we had tacos for supper with banana bread (made by one of our talented counselors) enjoyed by all. Tonight, we are about to head up to the field to play King Dodge, which is another dodge ball game. 

It seems like tomorrow we may get a much needed break from the humidity, so we are looking forward to what tomorrow will bring!

Until tomorrow,

Amanda and Sloane

Day 3

This morning we were in for a treat: French Toast!! Our morning classes went smoothly as usual, campers are already adjusted to the routine of camp. Many are looking forward to improving their skills in all of their classes!

For dinner we had meatloaf with potatoes and a side of green beans! This meal was a favorite among the boys! After rest hour they had a much needed general swim. Today we had a special guest come to camp to offer yoga to those interested. 

For supper we had personal pizzas and salad, followed by churros for dessert. However, tonight we were greeted by some unexpected rain. That didn't change the campers attitudes!

Tonight for evening program we are about to play a camp favorite of Spies and Smugglers! This is a camp-wide game of tag, where the teams take turns "smuggling" points to the a-field. The campers are especially excited to play because they expected to have to play games inside due to rain, but luckily the weather cleared up just in time for the game!

Everyone is expected to sleep well tonight after such a busy day!

Until Tomorrow,

Amanda and Sloane

Day 2 of Camp

This morning we were already starting off to another hot day at camp. For breakfast we had delicious cinnamon bread and hot cocoa. The morning moved fast as the campers were ready to get in the water. 

The first three periods went by smoothly as campers anticipated lunch! Lunch was ravioli, baguettes, and a salad on the side! For dessert we had chocolate pudding! Today general swim was a real treat! This was a great way for our campers to cool down! Everyone went in the water and had fun. Hilltop sports class even had the opportunity to get in the water today to play games! 

For dinner we had cheese steak and peppers and a side of carrots! This meal was gobbled up quickly, as campers eagerly prepared for evening program. Tonight's game is Garbage Collector! This game is a combination of soccer and basketball. The campers are split into two teams and their objective is to score in the other team's bucket to score points. This game is a camp favorite among campers and staff! 

Until Tomorrow,


A Hot Start to Boys Camp!

Boys Camp is off to a great start, with as much time as we can spend in the water!  After cabin tours of camp, introductions and rules, everyone went in for General Swim #1.  After that, campers set the tables for our traditional first dinner of hot dogs, tater tots, and carrot sticks.  In a surprising turn, instead of brownies, we had gingerbread with whipped cream for dessert.  

Evening Activity was the traditional Medical War, but it was the abridged version, as we ended early to have General Swim #2.  We are so lucky to have Columbia Lake to cool down in, and there is no better way to end a long, hot day then with a swim.  After the swim, campers will get ready for bed, and get some sleep to be ready for our first full day tomorrow!  

And the Final Day has Come

We have officially reached the last day of camp!! The morning started off with chocolate chip bread and cereal for breakfast! Campers headed back to their cabins to work on cleaning and gathering all their items to start heading home tomorrow. 

Our first three periods flew by as everyone was excited to get into the water on such a warm, beautiful day! Many of our campers headed up into our ropes course during sports class while others finished up archery and tennis! Everyone had a great time putting last minute touches onto their arts and craft projects! Swimmers and boater found out if they would be passing their class for this session!

Everyone rushed to devour up the ziti after such a busy morning! With a side of salad and peaches for dessert, we all headed back to our cabins for the last rest hour! 

Finishing up rest hour, we were all excited to get right into the water for general swim and some very excited campers were finally able to move up into a different area for swimming! We went off to fourth period which went by very quickly and back everyone went to change for a camp wide game of Pirates!!

This game splits the camp into two teams. Each team searches around the camp for the other teams' treasure while trying to gain points during round! As a result of such a tiring game, everyone was eager to jump back into the lake to wash off the sweat and dirt before heading off to dinner. We all enjoyed chicken melts and carrots with lemon sorbet for dessert. 

Tonight, we are having our traditional last night event - Camp Fire! Every year on the last night of the session, we roast marshmallows and sign songs while campers receive their swimming and boating awards if they were skilled enough to pass. They also receive their year awards. These mark the amount of years the campers come to camp and it is a great way to remember camp throughout the rest of the year!!

We will miss all of our campers dearly but we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning between 8:30-10:00AM!! It has been an amazing session and we hope to see you all next year!!

~Until next session,

Allissa and Amanda

Day 4

Even though we started the day off with some heavy rain, that didn't stop us from having fun here at camp! To start off the day we offered warm cocoa along with an old camp favorite; waffles with peanut butter! Cabin cleanup proved to be difficult with all the mud, but that didn't stop our ambitious campers from making their cabins spotless.

Since the field was wet and it was too cold on the waterfront, classes were moved indoors. For swimming we met in the Activity Room to play various games such as Scattegories, Mad Libs, Apples to Apples, and many other card games. For sports we played domino rally, and another cabin cooperative involving teamwork which came down to the final round. We also played Play-Doh-Nary, which is a camp twist of Pictionary where instead of drawing the item, you sculpt it for your team to guess.

After a busy morning filled with games, the campers enjoyed a camp favorite of many- Shepard's Pie and salad on the side, with vanilla pudding for dessert! Campers were able to catch up on writing home during rest hour, and then there was an option of general swim or more games in the upper lodge.

Shortly we will be having supper which is grilled cheese with tomato soup. Afterwards we will be playing a mystery game, similar to a real life version of Clue, followed by a special guest- a story teller. We are all excited for tonight's events and all are sure to sleep well!

Until Tomorrow,

Amanda and Sloane

Day 3

Today was yet another chilly one for all of us here at Camp Asto Wamah!! We started off the morning with everyone enjoying tasty bagels with cereal! Many of our campers and staff enjoyed hot chocolate with breakfast to try and help warm them up! 

Our first three periods went smoothly. Each swimming class got out just a little early so they could change and beat the cold. Sports class was filled with soccer and basketball as they seemed to definitely be popular amongst the campers today! Our archers and tennis stars continued to show their hidden talents all throughout the day.

At our noon time meal, we devoured ham and buttered noodles with carrots for a tasty vegetable.  Prior to announcements, we had the pleasure of enjoying butterscotch pudding. Many campers seemed to find a new favorite dessert!

As activity period programs were announced, some very lucky campers found out they would be able to go sailing on our big sail boat, The Hunter during activity period! Campers finished their camp duties quickly as they realized that it was again, time for store! As everyone grabbed some candy, the bell rang beginning rest hour and all enjoyed a nice nap. 

Following rest hour, Catherine, our water front director, decided it was just a little too chilly for our campers to really enjoy themselves during general swim. So instead, we all went up to the A-field for a spirited game of Non-Stop Cricket!! The campers really had a fun time trying to catch the balls that their counselors would hit! 

Finishing up Non-Stop Cricket, everyone hustled off to their forth period class so they would be able to get to activity period even sooner! The Hunter went out, along with the paddle boards and a few brave campers took on the chilly water to jump off the tower! Some decided to stay a little warmer and play games on the A-field!

Dinner tonight is just a little different than our usual meals. Tonight, our kitchen staff had the night off so instead of eating in the dining room, each cabin went with their counselors out to a designated area throughout camp. Some were on the A-field while others ate on picnic tables or on Main dock! Campers really love this because it gives them a nice change of scenery. We had either turkey or ham sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly for anyone who requested that as well!

Tonight for evening program our campers will partake in an old camp favorite, Spies and Smugglers! This game consists of two teams, a Spy team and a Smuggler team. Each team receives the opportunity to play each role. As a smuggler, their objective is to "smuggle" a piece of paper with a point value written on it from the flagpole to the A-field. They can hide the paper anywhere in their clothing. If they are tagged by the spies, they must stop running and allow the spy three chance to guess where the paper is located. If incorrectly guessed, the smuggler can continue on their journey up to the field. If guessed correctly, the paper is turned over to the opposing team. At the end of the game, when both teams have had the opportunity of playing each role, the points are tallied up, and a winner is announced! This definitely is a tradition to play here at camp as all of our staff members even played it as campers!! 

This will definitely help the kids to get our any of that extra energy that they may still have bottled up and hopefully help them sleep well!

Until tomorrow,

~Allissa and Amanda 

Day 2 of Camp

Dear friends and family!

We had a very exciting second day of camp. Our very enthusiastic boys and girls hit the ground running on a very chilly morning with corn bread and cereal for breakfast which was gobbled up pretty quickly! 

We finished our camp duties and headed right into first period. Some hopped right into the water as it started warming up while others enjoyed an intense game of basketball on the A-field. We had some fantastic archers practicing their new found skills at our archery range and some promising tennis players enjoying the sunshine on the tennis court!

Second and third periods flew by as campers and staff alike became hungry looking forward to meatballs with gravy and mashed potatoes! Everyone ate their fill and realized they were very much looking forward to store and rest hour! Following some great naps, everyone changed and headed back into the water for a lovely general swim as it turned into a beautiful 75 degree day!

Fourth period went by quickly with the anticipation of a brand new activity period program! YOGA! Boys and girls alike joined our new yoga instructor up on the A-field for a little relaxation before dinner time!

As our counselors and campers began setting their tables, everyone went around the flagpole to start getting ready for flag lowering. Cabin 6 for our girls, cabin 4 and cabin 8 for our boys all won cleanest cabin awards for the day. The flag was lowered and everyone hustled up to their tables to eat chicken patties with apple sauce and carrots for dinner. A surprise to all was the vanilla cake and chocolate frosting for dessert! 

Cleaning up went smoothly as everyone prepared for our evening program game of capture the flag! Campers are split into two teams and for this game, enjoy the thrill of running through a portion of the woods to capture the other teams' flag!! This is definitely a camp favorite!!

This game usually tires most campers out, so we are anticipating campers falling asleep quickly!  It seems like it might be another chilly night so that should help them sleep as well!

Until tomorrow,

~Allissa and Amanda 

Coed Has Begun!

Yesterday afternoon, we welcomed 87 campers to Asto Wamah! The weather held out as campers moved into their cabins, we reviewed camp rules and introduced staff, and completed swim classification tests. 

We had hot dogs, tater tots, and brownies for dessert last night! We enjoyed a rain storm throughout dinner, and luckily, the rain stopped just in time for evening program. Unfortunately, the A-Field was too wet for our game, so campers and staff played various Minute-to-Win-It games in the lodge. The rain picked up again just in time for everyone to go to bed.

This morning, we started our typical daily routine with flag raising and Chicken Fat! Breakfast included French toast, cereal options, and fruit. After campers filled up, we completed daily tasks, such as cleaning our cabins and camp to keep it looking great!

Campers then enjoyed swimming lessons, boating and canoeing lessons, arts and crafts, and sports! It was a busy morning! At noon, campers were able to participate in activities of their choice. Several campers decided to fish, either on docks or in boats! One camper caught 15 fish!

After counselors' swim at noon, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken tenders and rice. Rest hour was next and many campers took the opportunity to get some rest in order to gear up for the rest of the day. After rest hour, campers had the option of swimming or fishing and then they moved on to the last class of the day.

We just finished up dinner - everyone is nice and full! We are getting ready for our first outdoor evening program. We are playing medical war, which is a dodgeball game and one of our campers' favorites! 

We look forward to updating you on our day tomorrow!