CAMP ASTO WAMAH was founded in 1910 by the First Church of Christ in Hartford. For over 100 years, the camp has provided boys and girls with an experience designed to promote independence while offering  a variety of challenging and adventurous activities in a supervised and structured environment. The highest ideals of cooperative living are encouraged in this community of respect. 

Located on the shores of Columbia Lake in Columbia, Connecticut, Camp Asto Wamah is a non-sectarian camp open to all boys and girls from ages 8 to 14.   See our  Camper Info page regarding age restrictions for specific sessions.  Nancy Tuthill Maclean,  a former school teacher,  serves as the Camp Director and is assisted by two alternate directors.  Camp Asto Wamah is Licensed by the state of Connecticut and is accredited by The American Camp Association


The goal of Center Church Camp Asto Wamah is to provide a supportive, fun summer experience to children.  Asto Wamah believes that a vital part of camping is to offer children a program that serves to develop their independence and sense of self, while learning the valuable skills of collaboration and teamwork.   CCCAW promotes an environment of acceptance and tolerance in which every member of the camp community is valued and appreciated.  The camp staff works to instill in the campers the values of respect, consideration, and kindness as exemplified in the camp motto: “Remember the Other Fellow”.  In a society that is entrenched in technology, CCCAW cultivates in children an appreciation of nature and the power and importance of the positive connections that can be made between people.


Living, learning, and growing together in a wholesome, guided atmosphere. 

Nature Study

Campers have the opportunity to participate in various activities related to nature and appreciation of the environment. CCCAW provides a perfect setting for campers to develop respect for and a connection to the natural world.

Arts & Crafts

A wide variety of projects are offered including basket making, beading, weaving, clay molding, sewing and countless other creative endeavors.


Swimming is scheduled twice daily. During the morning, campers swim in groups according to their ability and receive instruction aligned to American Red Cross standards. They enjoy a recreational swim in the afternoon.

Boating, Canoeing, Sailing & Stand-up Paddle Boards

Campers participate in daily small craft instruction under the supervision of trained staff. Campers who demonstrate proficient skills are able to utilize watercraft during free time.

Evening Program

Staff and campers play various evening programs suitable for their age and interests. Examples of games include Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, and a camper favorite, Pirates.


A large athletic field provides ample room for a variety of games and activities. Campers participate in a sports class each day. Alternatives to sports class include tennis and archery. Throughout camp, there are areas for tetherball,  ping-pong, horseshoes, knock hockey, badminton, and informal games. Asto Wamah also has a 9 element low-ropes course, which offers many opportunities for team building and problem solving. 


Campers learn the fundamentals of archery in a safe environment as taught by certified archery instructors.


A beautiful tennis court is used for instructional and recreational tennis.  Campers may bring their own equipment or borrow the camp’s equipment. 

Activity Periods

In the afternoon, staff offer various activities requiring supervision. This is time set aside every day for each camper to pursue his/her own creative or athletic interests. 

Rest Hour

Following our mid-day meal, rest hour provides down time, which is essential for children participating in an active daily program.


Vespers is a short period of time during which campers reflect on their camping experience and personal development. Counselors discuss topics such as making new friends, appreciating nature, and making the most of each opportunity.

Personnel and Supervision

In addition to the camp director and alternate directors, each activity area is supervised by a qualified director or instructor.  Many of the staff return year after year, which provides continuity and a warm environment. 

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is on duty and lives on the camp property during each session. Camp has an on-call physician in case of an emergency. In the event of illness or injury, parents will be notified and campers may be sent home.  Camp is not responsible for illness or injury.


Asto Wamah has an excellent reputation for its delicious, well-balanced meals.  Camp's healthy menu includes fresh fruits in season, carefully selected meats, and vegetables. 


The Lodge is the main building at camp. It consists of an arts and crafts room, recreation area, wide porch for dining, and the kitchen.  This beautifully maintained structure, built in 1955, provides the central gathering place for many camp activities especially during rainy weather.  Campers and counselors live in screened cabins.  The waterfront has a main dock and two rafts, one with a diving tower for advanced swimmers.  For beginners, there is a shallow, sandy-bottom swimming area.