Located on the shores of Colmbia Lake in Columbia Connecticut, Camp Asto Wamah is a non-sectarian camp open to all boys and girls of good character from 8 through 14 years of age. See our Parent/Camper page for age restrictions for specific sessions. Camp Asto Wamah does not discriminate for reasons of race, creed, sex, handicap, color or national origin. Nancy Tuthill Maclean will serve as director. A retired teacher, Mrs. Maclean has directed Asto Wamah for many years. Camp Asto Wamah is licensed by the state of Connecticut and accredited by The American Camp Association.

Asto Wamah
was founded in 1910 by the First Church of Christ in Hartford. For nearly 100 years, the camp has provided boys and girls with an experience designed to promote independence while exposing them to a variety of challenging and adventurous activities in a supervised and structured environment.The highest ideals of cooperative living are encouraged in this community of respect. Since the establishment of Asto Wamah, its motto has been "Remember the Other Fellow".

The Lodge provides the central gathering place for many camp activities. A building completed in 1976 has a large activity room which allows for rainy day programming.Campers and counselors live in screened bunkhouses. Located on the shore of Columbia Lake, Asto Wamah enjoys a woodland setting. The main building is the Lodge which houses arts and crafts and recreation areas. The camp kitchen along with a wide porch for dining comprise the upper level.

The waterfront has a main dock and two floats, one with a 20 foot diving tower for advanced swimmers. For the beginning swimmer, there is a clean graded beach. Asto Wamah has an excellent reputation for its tempting, well balanced meals. Ask any former camper what he or she liked most about Camp and they may say the food. Menus include fresh fruits in season, carefully selected meats and vegetables. The camp drinking water is state tested and approved.


Nancy Tuthill Maclean will serve as the Camp Director and will be assisted by two alternate directors. Mrs. Maclean has directed Asto Wamah for many years and has recently retired as a public school teacher.

Each activity area is supervised by a qualified director or instructor. The counselors have all successfully completed our Leadership Training Program and have been selected for their initiative to lead. One or two counselors are assigned to each bunkhouse to provide supervision day and night. Many of our staff return year after year, which provides continuity and a warm environment.

A registered nurse is on duty and cares for the health needs of campers and staff. Our on-call physician is available for emergencies. In the event of illness, parents will be notified and campers may be sent home. The camp is not responsible for illness or injury.

Each day is filled with a variety of activities that are fun and help campers grow and learn in a wholesome atmosphere.

Campers are assigned to a leveled American Red Cross class according to their skills. In addition to an instructional swim each morning, campers also enjoy a recreational swim each afternoon. Columbia Lake is clean and clear with a graded beach for beginners. The waterfront has a dock and two floating rafts, one with a diving tower for advanced swimmers.

There are boats, canoes, standup paddle boards and sunfish sailboats for campers to learn on and use recreationally according to their skills and swimming abilities.

A wide variety of projects are offered including basket making, beads, weaving and other creative crafts.

Campers have the opportunity to participate in varied nature study activities.

Our athletic field provides for a regulation softball diamond, a volley ball and basketball court. Additionally there is an archery range and tennis court. Our 9 low-element ropes course offers many opportunities for team building and problem solving.

Each afternoon, time is set aside for campers to pursue their individual creative and athletic interests in a supervised setting.

The day ends with a game or activity which usually involves the entire camp. Some of the favorites are Capture the Flag and a Talent Show.

Each day at camp ends with Vespers. This is a time to reflect on topics such as respect or trying one's best. In addition to cooperative living skills, there are countless opportunities for deepening the awareness of God.