CAMP ASTO WAMAH was founded in 1910 by the First Church of Christ in Hartford. For over 100 years, the camp has provided boys and girls with an experience designed to promote independence while offering  a variety of challenging and adventurous activities in a supervised and structured environment. The highest ideals of cooperative living are encouraged in this community of respect. 

Located on the shores of Columbia Lake in Columbia, Connecticut, Camp Asto Wamah is a non-sectarian camp open to all boys and girls from ages 8 to 14.   See our  Camper Info page regarding age restrictions for specific sessions.  Nancy Tuthill Maclean,  a former school teacher,  serves as the Camp Director and is assisted by two alternate directors.  Camp Asto Wamah is Licensed by the state of Connecticut and is accredited by The American Camp Association


The goal of Center Church Camp Asto Wamah is to provide a supportive, fun summer experience to children.  Asto Wamah believes that a vital part of camping is to offer children a program that serves to develop their independence and sense of self, while learning the valuable skills of collaboration and teamwork.   CCCAW promotes an environment of acceptance and tolerance in which every member of the camp community is valued and appreciated.  The camp staff works to instill in the campers the values of respect, consideration, and kindness as exemplified in the camp motto: “Remember the Other Fellow”.  In a society that is entrenched in technology, CCCAW cultivates in children an appreciation of nature and the power and importance of the positive connections that can be made between people.


Camp Asto Wamah  - Summer 2015



There will be 3 two-week sessions.  The 1 one-weeker is the only coed session.   

  • June 26 to July 2        coed     ages 8 to 12
  • July 3 to July 16          all boys ages 8 to 14
  • July 17 to July 30        all girls ages 8 to 14
  • July 31 to August 13    all girls ages 8 to 14

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Calling all Parents! Please let us know about your child's experience during camp this past summer. Follow this link to complete the form: 2015 EVALUATION.  We appreciate your feedback.

To see what past campers have said about camp, check out CampRatingZ.